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The Las Vegas Numismatic Society publishes a monthly newsletter. You can click on the button below to access the latest published newsletter.

2016 Newsletters

Functionality of Online Newsletters

The Las Vegas Numismatic Society utilizes newsletters to keep their members up to date with current events. These newsletters are currently mailed to the members of the coin club via USPS. If for any reason a member can not find their mailed copy, then they can always find the newsletter here on this website. This online functionality makes a very convenient avenue for the members of the Las Vegas Numismatic Society to find the information about the club quickly.

Advertising in the LVNS Newsletters

You may have noticed there are advertisements inside each newsletter. If you have an interest in advertising your business or hobby please contact Jim Shands, the newsletter editor, at 702-452-3498. You can also contact Joe Cavallero, the President of LVNS, at 702-860-6032.