Young Numismatists

Often referred to as the YN group

Young Numismatists Program

The YN program is for those members under the age of 18. We meet at 2:00pm in the same building as the adult members. Each month we try to have a meeting unless there is a special event, such as the Holiday Banquet. Every month we meet there is a quiz consisting of 5-10 questions, which can be downloaded from our website. Our YN's know to complete the quit prior to each meeting and bring it with them. During the meeting we will discuss the quiz and review the answers. YN Dollars will be given to YN members who submit a completed quiz each month. These YN dollars can be used to purchase items from our local coin dealers in attendance, auctions, or even raffle tickets.

Please click the green button on this page that says "Young Numismatists Program" if you would like to like to learn more about what the LVNS offers our youth.